Sitting on The Fence

I’m not one of those who breaks out the Christmas lights on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  I don’t go shopping on Black Friday or set in front of the computer on Cyber Monday.  Nope.  I am from one of those families that always put up a real tree two weeks before and took it down 2 weeks after the 25th.  It was traditional and simple and magical to me.  So sweet. Not too much/not too little.  Not the mad rush and bustle which wears the worthy exuberance of the season to literally put people into the hospital.  Sad really.  Then I worshiped with the Lutherans.  They’re season is very deliberate.  It is advent; the season in which we sit in anticipation of the Christ child’s birth.  We have to wait.  We can decorate but it’s all about meditating what it means for the Christ child to be born unto us – a world lost in sin.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I need to be slowed down.  I’m in a hurry to get things done like I might just run out of daylight before the task is completed. When if I would just slow down and enjoy the task – whatever it is – I would be delighted to find joy within the mundane tasks of life.  So putting that sweet savor into the mix of the Christmas season has given me the ability to enjoy Jesus in a very fresh and raw way throughout the month of December.  It takes my eyes off of all of the other things that can be such an enormous distraction to us.  Gifts and money and food and people and, and, and…

The enemy wants to pull us down and away from the beauty of Jesus’s birth. Anything he can do to bring us away from the Lord and celebrating Him.  The enemy wants us to be more worried about the things and less worried about the reason for the season.  It is a strange time that we can misuse for the Kingdom so easily that before you know it, the season is over and were trying to find our traction in January snow.

Many choose one side of the fence to live on at Christmas.  Decorate before December or decorate after December 1, 2017. I’m neither way.  Both are just fine with me.  I choose nothing but Jesus and Him born in a manger, living, dying and rising to sit at the right hand of our Father in heaven. We are gifted a really great opportunity to bask in all of the glory of the Christ.  It’s such an incredible gift because Jesus deserves our full and undivided attention and worship.  How do we pass up an opportunity like this?

Mos people miss the opportunity because they don’t even realize that it’s right there in front of them.  So used to the ritual of it all we just go through the motions trying to recreate some great memories from childhood or younger years.  God is so good and He is such a gentleman.  He won’t push us into doing things even though He will place people in our path that can give us the instruction or direction that they need to go deeper or dig further into our faith and into the best relationship they will ever have in life.  They don’t know because no one has introduced them in the way that will be enriching and forward moving.

We have a tendency to settle for a shallow friendship with Jesus or God or the Holy Spirit.  We have so much more to enjoy in Him.  We ourselves are our worst enemy when it comes to our relationship with Jesus. It’s a shallow little Sunday thing that doesn’t go deeper than the gospels; that doesn’t open our hearts to the intimacies of Christ.  He is one who captures our tears and holds us in the dark.  His angels have charge over us and He is attentive to us 24 hours a day.  No one can do that in the flesh.  No one.  No one is with us as much as we are ourselves expect Jesus.  The Holy Spirit is trying to loose His spirit over us in a way that only He can give us.

The truth is that our God sent His one and only begotten Son into this world to bring the gospel to the people of the world.  He was crucified for our transgressions and bruised for all of our diseases.  He died, was buried and rose again on the third day, walking this earth for about 40 days until He transcended into heaven and is now seated at the right hand of the Father ever making intercession for us.  Through this all promises in scripture are ours in Christ.  We can surrender into Gods care knowing that He is in charge of our provision and our prosperity and our health.  Sickness is not of God.  Poverty is not of God.  We are the ones who keep the best of God from us because we have a tendency to speak lack into our lives.  We speak weakness and inability into our lives.  We are a far more powerful player in the events of our lives than we give ourselves credit for.

What if we just relaxed and allowed our souls to believe the truth?  Where would we be? How would the world be?  Would there be peace if we lived lives of faith radically sold out to the Lord?

Proverbs 17:28 –Even a fool who keeps silent is considered wise; when he closes his lips, he is deemed intelligent.