The Goodness of God

God is so good.  He supplies all of our needs according to His riches in heaven.  He is always with us even when we move away.  Once we give our lives over the the Lord all bets are off and only God knows what He will do for His children.  We,  as children of the most high struggle with the depth of His love for us.   We struggle against all of the glory that the Lord wishes to pour through our lives showing to His kingdom the incredible love He has for His children.  So often what we are going through isn’t even about us but for the glory of God for others to witness and come into the Kingdom through.  We are so good at thinking that anything that happens to us is about us.  Not so.

We are all vessels that God uses to forward His kingdom in ways that we don’t even realize. The things that we say, how we conduct ourselves, the people we associate with, all aspects of our lives are on display and those aspects are the things that God uses to teach others about His matchless love.  We are the windows into Gods life and love and if we’re not careful we can lead people to get the wrong impression about our Savior and what it looks like to be a believer in Christ. Mahatma Gandhi loved the faith but was turned away by the people he met who were Christians.  How sad is that?  What it suggests to me is that the people we are sending out into the mission field are not ready by all or any standard of Christ.  If we can be Jesus to others that’s fantastic.  If we aren’t then we are giving to the world a false sense of who Jesus really is.

I cant count the number of times that I have been presented with a rendition of Jesus that doesn’t fit who I know Him to be.  It saddens me deeply because there is no reason why we should be given a false portrayal of the Lord b anyone. But that’s the devil.  He is going to do everything he can to steal Gods power in the earth.   If he can do that by using a baby unversed Christian to be a snobby one he’s done a great job.  And he does it all the time.   He counts on our ignorance to fulfill his plan to derail the Jesus in you. When we are introduced to a Jesus that isn’t on solid ground it leaves us with the ability to fill in the blanks and be and do whatever we want to add to our faith that was never given in full. It’s like the people in Acts who had received the baptism of John but had never heard of the Holy Spirit. There’s really no such thing as half saved. Either you are or you aren’t. Simple.

The word gets watered down and twisted up and there are some theories that just became Gospel even though it’s a stretch to back them up with scripture. The enemy loves the false doctrine that keeps us from walking in the solid water of the word. Anything that he can do to minimize the power of the body in the earth is a good thing to him. His hate for us is intense and our thoughts of him are fairly ho-hum. That being the case, we are such easy targets for the devils games.  We will blame our selves or have a pity party about how difficult it is to deal with the attack as if we didn’t know where it was coming from.   We can be so very ignorant sometimes.  Have all of the book knowledge in the world and yet struggle to apply it to our lives.

The new buzz word I hear from pastors is radical. Radical faith.  Radical love.  Radical trust.  Used to be I heard pastors talking about a shift coming.  Shift means change and how many of us were willing to embrace change once we heard it was from God. And now, how many are willing to be radically sold out to Jesus and the Kingdom? What does that mean? Radical passion and zeal and beliefs.  Not normal. Radical.  Don’t care who it is or what they think of us. Radical. Just plain radical – revolutionary, far reaching, visionary, unbridled.

In truth, not very many people on the earth are radical. It’s a rather small percentage of us that fit the bill and yet the church is calling us to have radical faith. Believe the unbelievable faith. Unquenchable zeal for Jesus. Walking so in the spirit that our life in the flesh seems obscure.  Thing is that God wants to shower us with such radical goodness that He’s just waiting for us to surrender to Him.  Not our definition of surrender but His definition of surrender. We’re so good at softening everything and making it so that it’s not really that different or difficult. Surrender somehow means that we are still in control.  Of what?  Either we have surrendered or we haven’t. A minimal surrender is like being luke warm and we know what God does with things that are luke warm…He spews them out of His mouth!!!

It’s an honor and a privilege to be a child of the King of kings. It’s very exciting to be in the middle of Kingdom business no matter what I’m doing. It’s our choice to be a vital part of all that God has going on or just sit by the side lines and watch.  Whatever your choice you will be blessed.

Revelations 3:16 – So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.