The Mysteries of God

I would venture to guess that one of the most confounding aspects of the Lord is the mysterious aspect.  We want Him to be clear with us and we want Him to be succinct with us.  He gives us a simple answer and somehow we have twisted it to mean something else.  Hanging our dreams on the end of the moon we assume that our interpretation is sound and we shoot for it’s arrival and pending birth into our lives. The mysteries of God can be really confusing.  It appeared as though the only ones that were blessed with the ability to comprehend the seemingly endless line of riddles were His disciples.  They were given the power to understand things that most didn’t understand. So many were listening but only some heard and were able to take His word into the depths of their heart.

I like to know what I’m working with and understand the ins and outs and yet Jesus has told us to come to Him as a little child.  Simple.  Trusting.  Uncomplicated.  Bold.  Kids are very open and then they become adults and the whole world changes.  We struggle to stay trusting and simple minded.  Not stupid.  Not naive.  Just simple.  They don’t need to know what they are working with and understand the ins and outs of things.  They just do and they do a pretty amazing job at it.

The enemy lies to hide things that he uses to torment our lives – or that he is using to try and destroy our lives. We can think that we are covered and have an understanding of an issue in our lives and in truth we are oblivious to the knives he has stabbing in our back, the holes in our finances, the gnawing irritation in our children or spouse…we’re clueless and then it’s too late. We have to pay attention and know what to be tuned into. Often the message is subtle and seems a bit crazy but we need to listen and heed whatever it is that the Spirit is trying to tell us, even if it defies logic and seems ridiculous. We are an active participant in whatever it is that the Lord is doing in our lives.  We don’t just sit and receive from Him.  We take action and won’t know what that action is if we aren’t tuned into the voice of God.

It is meant for us to know the mysteries of God.  He hard wired us when He gave us salvation and baptized us in the Holy Spirit to discern what is the next step for us. Often people are too preoccupied with their own life to hear what is going on in the life of the God who lives within them. God isn’t just some medicine off the shelf or some self help book from the store.  God is real and powerful and beyond our wildest imaginings.  Perhaps that’s why it’s difficult for people to grab onto the amazing power that God has at our disposal. We doubt our ability to be an ambassador for the Lord.  Us heal?  Us deliver?  Us do any of the things that God did? We are so small and so human! Yes, we are, and so were everyone of the disciples!  Just people.  Normal people who listened to Jesus and heard the truth beyond the mystery. Not only that but they chose to put into action all of the mysteries that they were being given and it worked.  What a perfect test of the system.  Jesus sent out the 72 disciples 2 by 2.  While out and about the countryside these pairs of human beings/followers of Christ were casting out demons and healing the sick.  There was nothing they couldn’t do.  When they got back to Jesus they were so excited about how the spirit worked through them.  They felt powerful and felt like what they believed was actually true.  How that must have felt to them.  Jesus is the best boss ever.

What a day that must have been for the disciples.  Learning that in the name of Jesus they became conduits for His power to deliver on all of the promises of God.  How very beautiful and how enriching it had to be for their faith.  When I pray and it prayer is answered quickly I am in awe that God actually heard me and that He chose to honor my request.  I’m so very humbled by His greatness and His love and generosity.  He is such a great God.  The only true and living God.

I do know that  the brain is a very powerful organ and that we can think ourselves into and out of a lot of different corners. Some will utilize the power of meditation and keep God out of the equation.  It is tough for some people to accept Christ as the King when they are used to sitting on the throne of their lives.  Yet when we succumb to the word of God and wash in the water of the word every thought, God is able to do things in and through us that our mortal mind could never do on it’s own.  Probably the hardest part of being a believer is letting go into the arms of the Lord and letting Him do His thing with out our interruption.  We ruin more of the things that God wants to do in our lives than anyone else. Doubt and fear tangle with our hearts making it difficult to surrender into the Lords care and plan.

But when we do, there is nothing in the world quite like it!

Luke 10:1 – After this the Lord appointed seventy-two others and sent them two by two ahead of him to every town and place where he was about to go.