The Unexpected Life

In all honesty that is what we live when we live the unexpected life.  With Jesus life is a constant state of the unexpected.  As we wander through our days we are blessed to be in the family of God.  We are lifted up into the heavenlies and stay connected to the Father throughout every little twist and turn.  Some days go by with relative anonymity and others are doused with a huge dose of Holy Ghost fire that just shows up answering a prayer  that we even forgot we had prayed gifting us with a dose of Jesus the divine in a way we can’t even imagine.

You know it says that faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not yet seen.  But what my faith thinks and what happens are two very different things.  God doesn’t do things the way we expect things to be done.  He knows what we need and He knows what everyone else needs.  We are vessels that He uses to bless and build up and encourage through as His children wend their way through life.  God is so good. All of the time to everyone and in every way imaginable.   We are the clay and He is the potter bringing us into the realm of the divine so that we shine in a new a fresh way that only He can place on us.

So as I wake in the mornings I am thankful for the inquiring friends that I have that are keeping their eyes open  for things that they know I would want to know. The Lord brings me to a place of vision and understanding and focus that brings things veiled before into perfect focus so that I can be versed in the vision that is before me.  Bringing others into the banqueting hall and feeding them mana that only they can comprehend in their spiritual state. We feed in the spirit building us up in the mot holy faith where spirit and reality collide and we become so keenly aware of how good living can be.

You see I’m at a cross roads of sorts.  I’ve made parole but I’m not on parole yet.  I’m in society because I went through the half way house system so in many ways, there won’t be a lot of difference but in my spirit there is a sense that I am travelling through a tunnel. It’s silent and the days go be  like normal and yet each day brings me closer to a sense of freedom that I have not had since the summer of 1990.  It’s a very strange place I find myself in.  Things that I’ve prayed for now in the very throws of coming to pass.  I know that our timing is not His timing and our thoughts are not His thoughts.  His ways are so much higher than our ways.

For the most part I trust His ways and then He does something that is above and beyond  anything I could ask or think and I’m elevated to a new kind of trust.

You know a lot of people think that we should always stay within our scriptures and our thoughts are not trustworthy enough.  Our experiences aren’t trustworthy.  So how do scriptures like – we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the words of our testimony – fit.  Thing is what’s going on right now shed intense light on Ephesians 3:20.  We quote it and love it but do we live it?  Are you expecting to live with exceedingly and abundantly above anything you could ever ask or think according to His power that is at work in you?  If you are, tell me about it.  Tell the world about so God will get glorified-It’s our job to brag about the Lord and all that He has done for us.  It’s our job to shower the Kingdom with the beauty of His Holiness. How do we share the gospel if we don’t share His might and power that has been evidenced in our lives just as it was in the scripture.

Oh how many times I have been encouraged by the people speaking of all of the things God has done for others.  He is no respecter of persons. And He want’s to bless all of us in ways that we wouldn’t even believe if someone were to tell us about it.  Life is like that.   It’s full of surprises and full of excitement.  No two days are alike and as long as we remain willing to expect the unexpected we will be blessed beyond measure.  His joy will be ours and it will permeate all that we have in our lives.

Habukkuk 1:5 – For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told.